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with Rene Cabrera

All Las Bugambilias B&B Tours are led by René Cabrera Arroyo, a certified tour guide from Oaxaca City. He has lived and traveled in many places in Mexico and the USA, and speaks fluent Spanish and English. Rene became certified and licensed as a tour guide in 2012. He has learned hands-on about his local Oaxaca indigenous culture, food and history. He has a great relationship with local artisans and a knack for presenting information in a captivating way. Rene is constantly looking for new places and craftsmen to make his tours more interesting and unique. He offers private tours and will make sure you are always provided with the best service possible…. Leer Más

Cooking School

Casa de los Sabores

with chef Pilar Cabrera

Chef Pilar Cabrera, owner of “La Olla” restaurant and Casa de los Sabores Cooking School, invites you to savor her inventive and exciting cuisine. Pilar is offering a cultural experience first hand through taste and hands-on cooking. As founder and Chef at “Casa de los Sabores” cooking school, Pilar spends her hours there researching, experimenting and preparing wholly traditional Oaxacan cuisine. Her food is innovation yet traditional. Buen Provecho!

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Authentic Oaxaca food

La Olla restaurant

At La Casa de Las Bugambilias


Casa de las Bugambilias B&B is home to the popular restaurant “La Olla” (the cooking pot) providing innovative Oaxacan cuisine in a casual atmosphere. Chef and owner Pilar Cabrera bases her approach to food in an earth-friendly philosophy, working with regional farmers to provide local flavors, helping to local economy and serving organic products when available. Come enjoy the great food of Oaxaca Mexico.

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An Oaxaca expererience

Temazcal Ancestral

Relive the traditional indigenous culture in an extraordinary manner.


The Temazcal bath purifies your mind, body, and spirit in an extraordinary garden setting. Ancient ceremonies combine a cleansing sweat bath with herbs and flowers. Music and a soothing massage will renew and energize you.
The word Temazcal comes from the Nahuatl language used by the Aztecs: Temaz = bath and Calli = home. The ceremony offered was used by the Aztecs, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Mayans, and other indigenous groups as a therapeutic and purifying ritual…Read More